Specialists in Human Resources in the areas of Hospitality, Catering and Housekeeping, assuring a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals

A Human Resources firm, Grupo Jorge Anjos’ mission is to contribute to the success of its clients and partners, by offering customized, flexible and dynamic solutions in areas such as catering and hospitality, etc.

With a large multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals, we provide answers to the needs of a market that we know to be fluctuating, and where quick and effective solutions make a difference.

The years of experience Grupo Jorge Anjos has acquired in human resource management, allow us to contribute to the maximum profitability and productivity of our partners, and, above all, to ensure excellence and competence. 

A partnership of excellence! 


A team that excels at event planning, and undertaking all the logistics involved with the selection of menus, decoration services, entertainment, photography and others.


A multidisciplinary team of highly qualified staff, ready to answer the needs of our clients and partners in the restaurant business.


A team of professionals specializing in cleaning, sanitizing and fixing rooms in hotels, collecting clothes, check-out inspection, replacement and control of material, etc.